Frequently Asked Questions

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We are paid by the suppliers we recommend so our services are free to our clients. Some people ask if this makes us less independent? Since we have many of the biggest and most recognised suppliers in the UK and deal with all of them in the same manner, we can remain independent and committed to serving our clients' best interest.

We don't guarantee to beat your current pricing because many managers and business owners are great negotiators too! However, getting the best deal is a balance between price, quality and service; it takes knowledge of the market, ability to forecast trends, data, analysis and interpretation. And it's not a 'one-off'; the work must be continuous to maintain that perfect balance. You might get a better deal if you have the skill and experience, but the time and effort that you need to put in may make it a worse one in the long run.

We will carry out the tender process for our customers in one or more supply areas once we have collected sufficient data to ensure accuracy and completeness. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive nature of the tenders we conduct and review both the suppliers and their tender submissions for adherence to the specification.

Perfect security is unachievable by even the biggest technology companies and Sharecare cannot promise it either. However, although no personal or bank account details are ever stored, we still take security very seriously and take all reasonable precautions to ensure your data remains accessible by only you.