A recent article in The Guardian highlighted the need to tackle outdated perceptions of care home food with pioneering training to provide a platform for excellence

The Hospitality Guild has created an NVQ level course at their training facilty: Hospitality House offering a variety of courses including those in professional catering in health and social care.

Gareth O'Hara, named Care Catering Hero at the NACC’s annual awards this year, completed the 20-week pilot course which helps explain the challenges of catering for residents with a variety of needs not encountered in restaurants, bars and hotels.

Dysphagia, a condition that makes it difficult to swallow both solid and liquid food, affects 13.5% of the elderly population. Food needs to be pureed, but it also has to look attractive and appetising using various technical tricks and moulds. Residents with dementia don’t always respond well to 'normal' food or to regular crockery and cutlery and this nees to be taken into account when creating menus.